How to transfer

Sending money is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Register

2. Add the recipient

3. Transfer

1. Register

To begin transferring money, you first need to register by completing our online registration form. You will receive an email confirming your registration and further instructions on how to submit the required documentation for account activation.

Before we can finalize your account and process your first transfer, we need to receive a copy of your passport, and a recent proof of address, not older than 3-months.

Paperwork once and you’re done

The good part is you only need to provide these documents once, before your first transfer, and then your account is operational.

We will call you to confirm your activation after your documents have been approved and then you are ready to transfer money.

2. Add the recipient

In the left-hand column, click "Address book" and proceed to add your recipient. You will see the recipient appear in the Address Book table.

3. Transfer

In the left-hand column, click "New transfer".

Select the recipient from the drop down, or enter a new recipient in the menu.

Optionally, write a short message as part of the transfer.

Select the payment method.

Enter the transfer amount.

Click to preview your transfer. Please review all details carefully. Click to confirm that you agree with the Terms & Conditions, and then click to submit the transfer and the final payment.

Once the transaction has been paid for, we immediately send the money to the recipient. After completion you will get a confirmation message and email with full transfer details and reference number. The transaction is added to your account history.